The State of the Raise

December 20, 2019

Did you get a raise in 2019? An estimated half of U.S. workers say they didn’t get a raise in the past year, a new Bankrate survey shows. But even that's an improvement over the previous year’s figure of 62 percent.

Some 49 percent of workers reported having received a pay increase in some form, including 28 percent who got a pay bump, 12 percent who got a higher-paying job and 10 percent who got both. That figure was an 11-percentage point increase over last year, and the highest since 2016.

The results also showed an uptick from last year in pay increases that were based on performance (38 percent this year vs. 37 percent last year) or as part of a promotion or new job responsibilities (31 percent this year vs. 29 percent last year). But there continues to be a decline in raises given as cost-of-living increases (26 percent this year vs. 27 percent last year).